CRUISE SHIPPING ICELAND is aimed at actively promoting Iceland as an attractive cruise destination by supplying practical information to itinerary planners, sales and marketing executives and land programme managers.

Designed not only to assist cruise companies explore new and emerging port opportunities, the site is also aimed at facilitating those new to our destination discover the many possibilities that this incredible country has to offer.

Keeping it simple

Alongside the marketing focused, more general port information – a cruise company can also see at a glance if the port:

  • houses the possibility of accommodating their vessel
  • houses the possibility of accommodating their passenger numbers
  • is in line with their passenger demographics, for example in the case of expedition ships
  • offers sufficient revenue gain

Enjoy the journey!

One could almost say that Iceland is yet to be discovered – our aim at CSI is that you and your passengers’ journey of discovery be inspirational, well informed and successful!

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CRUISE SHIPPING ICELAND is part of Iceland Travel and falls under the Icelandair Group