Situated only 100 km (62mi) from the Arctic Circle, Akureyri is the centre of culture, education and leisure activities in North Iceland. With a population of about 18.000, the town is by far the largest outside the Reykjavík capital area.

The mountains surrounding the fjord, which Akureyri is in the bottom of, is called Eyjafjordur. It is the longest fjord in Iceland, or 60 km, the fjord that all ships have to go through, on the way to Akureyri. Akureyri has provided rural communities in these high latitudes with sundry services as well as educational and industrial facilities. Akureyri has its own theater, symphony orchestra, University and one of the biggest hospitals in the country that serves as well East part of Greenland.

Distances to other ports in Iceland

  • Reykjavik/Hafnarfjordur – 339 NM
  • Grundarfjordur – 267 NM
  • Patreksfjordur -215 NM
  • Isafjordur – 180 NM
  • Husavik – 66 NM
  • Eskifjordur – 283 NM
  • Seydisfjordur – 108 NM
  • Djupivogur – 272 NM
  • Hofn – 310 NM
  • Vestmannaeyjar – 416 NM

Distances to neares cities in Europe/USA

  • Torshavn – 498 NM
  • Bergen – 775 NM
  • Oslo – 1155 NM
  • Svalbard – 969 NM
  • Qaqortoq – 900 NM
  • St John‘s – 1615 NM

Shorex capacity:  Approximately 1,500 passengers
Please note that this is based on an 8 hour port call (thus allowing 7 hours for tours)
It is possible to accomodate 2,000 passengers by extending the time in port by one hour.
The port has been known to accomodate higher numbers of passengers in recent years, so please check with our shore excursion team at Iceland Travel to obtain more information. All shorex capacity numbers are based on us offering what we consider to be, the best in local services.

Projected revenue: Please contact csi@csi.is for further information

Port charges/calendar: please contact csi@csi.is for further information

Location: 65°41‘ N 18°04‘ W
Water location: Denmark Strait, Greenland Sea
Number of cruise berths: 4
Berth dimensions:
1) Oddeyrarbryggja 240m for ships up to 350m
2) Tangabryggja 170m for ships up to 300m
Width of ship: unlimited
Draft: 9-11m and 8,5-11m
Depth of water at low tide: 10m and 8,5 – 11m
Turning basin: 1) 1000m  2) 700m
Tidal movement/range: max 1,7m
Pilotage: 3 pilots available
Anchorage depth: 25m
Anchorage position: 65°40‘9″N 18°04‘4″W
Distance from anchorage to tender dock: 0,3m
Town centre: 200-800m
Airport: 3 km
Free shuttle to town: no (not deemed necessary)