Bíldudalur is a small village in Arnarfjörður, situated in the Vesturbyggd municipality, in the southern part of the Westfjords peninsula. Bíldudalur is known for its impressive surroundings and warm summers. Its 166 inhabitants are involved in fishing industry, tourism and lime-based algae industry. In the 19th century Bíldudalur was one of Iceland’s most modern industrial areas and birthplace of many poets, writers and singer. Close by the town there is also a fjord of literary significance, Geirþjófsfjörður, where the Icelandic Gísla saga was played out.In the late 20th and early 21st centuries, the decline of the fishing industry and the imposition of strict quotas by the Icelandic government have led the town to diversify its economy.

The village is now home to a factory, which processes a mineral rich algae found in abundance in the fjord, in which many of the residents work. The village is also becoming a popular tourist destination, especially for fishing trips and for artists seeking to gain inspiration from the spectacular scenery. The town welcomed their first cruise ship 1st September 2011, with the arrival of Silversea’s Silver Explorer.

Distances to other ports in Iceland

  • Reykjavik/Hafnarfjordur – 170 NM
  • Grundarfjordur – 100 NM
  • Isafjordur 60 NM
  • Akureyri 210 NM
  • Husavik – 210 NM
  • Eskifjordur – 490 NM
  • Seydisfjordur – 365 NM
  • Djupivogur – 460 NM
  • Hofn – 410 NM
  • Vestmannaeyjar – 240 NM

Distances to neares cities in Europe/USA

  • Torshavn – 690 NM
  • Bergen – 950 NM
  • Oslo – 1380 NM
  • Svalbard – 1050 NM
  • Qaqortoq – 750 NM
  • St John – 1500 NM

Shorex capacity: Approximately 700 passengers
All shorex capacity numbers are based on us offering what we consider to be, the best in local services.

Projected revenue: Please contact csi@csi.is for further information
Port charges/calendar: please contact csi@csi.is for further information

Location: 65°41’N, 23°36’W
Water location: North Atlantic Ocean , Denmark Strait
Number of cruise berths: 1
Birth dimensions:
  80m (262 ft.)
Width of ship:
Depth at Low Tide:
  10m (32.0 ft.)
Turning Basin: 1200m (3936ft)
Height of Pier above Water:
– At Low Tide:  6.0m (19.68 ft.)
– At High Tide:  2m (6.56 ft.)
Tidal Difference:  2.8m (9.8ft).
Type of Fenders: Tires
Strength of Bollards: 50 max. pull / ton
Security Zone:  Docking area fenced off
Pilotage:  Yes, available 24 hrs
Location of Pilot Station:  65°41’N, 23°36’W
Distance of Pilot Station to anchorage:
1,5 NM
Duration of Pilotage: 15 min
Anchorage Position: 65°41.0’N, 23°35.5’W
Distance from Anchorage to Dockside: 0.2 NM
Town Centre: 200m (0.1 miles)
Airport: 8 km
Free shuttle to town: No, not needed