This charming seaside village, named after the adjacent fjord, lies centrally in the region known as Iceland’s East Fjords. In past centuries, Eskifjordur was a great commercial centre, becoming the municipality’s first community to be granted a town charter in 1786.
Since village culture and industry have been shaped by the sea for a long time, simply walking around town is enjoyable, noting the historical buildings and piers or visiting the Maritime Museum. The attractive building Randulffssjóhús dates from 1890 and shows how fisher folk used to work; you can even try tasting the shark and dried fish still produced there.

A delightful and seemingly “yet to be discovered” port option that offers good possibilities for revenue – both for medium sized cruise vessels and expedition ships.

Distances to other ports in Iceland

  • Reykjavík/Hafnarfjordur – 410 NM
  • Grundarfjordur – 477 NM
  • Patreksfjordur – 445 NM
  • Isafjordur – 406 NM
  • Akureyri – 283 NM
  • Husavik – 205 NM
  • Seydisfjordur – 63 NM
  • Djupivogur – 53 NM
  • Höfn – 96 NM
  • Vestmannaeyjar – 272 NM

Distances to neares cities in Europe/USA

  • Torshavn – 287 NM
  • Bergen – 600 NM
  • Oslo – 965 NM
  • Svalbard – 968 NM
  • Qaqortoq – 1012 NM
  • St John‘s – 1670 NM

Shorex capacity: Approximately 500 passengers
All shorex capacity numbers are based on us offering what we consider to be, the best in local services.

Projected revenue: Please contact for further information

Port charges/calendar: Please contact for further information

Location: 65°03‘ N 14°00‘ W
Water location: North Atlantic Ocean
Number of cruise berths: 1
Berth dimensions:
Length: 130m
Width of ship: unlimited
Draft: 10m
Depth of water at low tide: 10m
Turning basin: 800m
Tidal movement/range: 1,7m
Pilotage: compulsory for vessels over 100 meters in length
Pilot station: 65°01‘6“N 13°55‘ W
Anchorage depth: 23,2m – over
Anchorage position: 65°04‘2“N 14°01‘5“W
Distance from anchorage to tender dock: 0,3 NM
Town centre: 0,9 km
Airport: 49 km
Free shuttle to town: harbour is located in town