Siglufjörður is Iceland’s northernmost town and is a historic fishing town who’s fame and fortune has always been linked to the ebb and flow of the fishing industry. A tiny shark fishing village in 1900, Siglufjörður soon became one of the largest towns in Iceland and the undisputed capital of herring fishing in the Atlantic. Although the herring has disappeared, the town bears the distinct imprint of “The Herring Era”.

Distances to other ports in Iceland

  • Reykjavík 286 miles
  • Grundarfjörður 225 miles
  • Ísafjörður 130 miles
  • Höfn 270 miles
  • Djúpivogur 234 miles
  • Seyðisfjörður 190 miles
  • Akureyri 43 miles

Distances to neares cities in Europe/USA

  • Torshavn 444 miles
  • Bergen 756 miles
  • Oslo 1160 miles
  • Svalbard 925 miles
  • Qaqortoq 1000 miles
  • John’s 1620 miles


  • Vestmannaeyjar 363 miles

Shorex capacity:  Approximately 700 passengers

Location: 66°12‘ N 18°52‘ W
Water location: North Atlantic Ocean
Number of cruise berths: 2
Birth dimensions:
Max size: Approx. 200 m. long
Width of ship:  unlimited
Draught: 9,5 m
Depth of water at low tide: 9 m
Turning basin: 300m
Tidal movement/range: 1 m
Pilotage: Available. Pilot meets vessel about 400 m from harbour entrance.

Town centre: 300 m.
Airport: Next airport is in Akureyri, 75 km. away.
Shuttle to town: Harbour is located in town
Anchorage depth: Ranging from 25m to 30m.
Anchorage: Anchorage can be obtained E of the harbour – with good holding ground. In case of gales from N, which cause heavy seas, vessels may seek anchorage in a small bay SW of Siglunes.
Popular tours:
Herring Museum – step back in time
Historic walk around town – learning about the herring er
Bird watching

Tour prices:
Please contact Iceland Travel for information on tours and prices.
Port charges/calendar: Please contact CSI for further information.
Provisions: All kinds of foods/products are available for provisioning of cruise ships.