Sauðárkrókur is a town in the district of Skagafjörður in northern Iceland and a part of the municipality of Skagafjörður. Sauðárkrókur is the largest town in Northwest Iceland and the second-largest town on the north coast of Iceland, with a population of 2.600. It is the center for commerce and services in the district, and an important link in Iceland’s food production. Sauðárkrókur provides a diversity of services, accommodation, restaurants, shopping, exhibitions, museums, camping facility, night spots, swimming pool, health center and workshops to name a few.

Skagafjörður is truly a land of adventure for all! Offering a wide variety of activities set in beautiful surroundings. Whether you wish to go white water rafting down foaming glacial rivers; horse riding in an amazing and unique landscape; sailing to the majestic island of Drangey; delve into history through this saga rich region; relax in a natural hot spring; enjoy the magic of the northern lights in the winter stillness; indulge in excellent food prepared from local produce… or just lay back and relax and enjoy the stay.

Distances to other ports in Iceland

  • Siglufjorður 42 NM
  • Akureyri 80 NM
  • Húsavík 80 NM
  • Ísafjörður 131 NM
  • Reykjavík 290 NM
  • Grundarfjörður 225 NM
  • Seyðisfjörður 230 NM
  • Djúpivogur 270 NM
  • Höfn 305 NM

Distances to neares cities in Europe/USA

  • Torshhavn 500 NM

Shorex capacity:  Approximately 500 passengers
Please note that this is based on an 8 hour port call (thus allowing 7 hours for tours)
Please check with our shore excursion team at Iceland Travel to obtain more information on tour options. All shorex capacity numbers are based on us offering what we consider to be, the best in local services.

Projected revenue: Please contact for further information

Port charges/calendar: please contact for further information

Location: 65*45’20 N 19*38’36 W

Water location: North Atlandic Ocean

Berth dimensions: 200 M.

Length: for ships up to 110m

Width: 25-30 M

Draft: 6,50 M.

Depth of water at low tide  7,50 M. first 130 M.

Turning basin. 130 M.

Tidal movement/range: 1,2 M.

Pilot  not compulsory, but available on request.

Pilot Station:

Anchorage depth: 25-35 M.

Anchorage: 65*47,0 N  19*32,0 W

Distance from ancorage: 3,2 NM.

Town centre: 1000 M.