Vestmannaeyjar (English: The Westman Islands) is a small archipelago off the south coast of Iceland. The largest island, Heimaey, has a population of 4,000. The other islands are uninhabited, though two have single hunting cabins. The archipelago came to international attention in 1973, when a volcanic eruption caused the island’s 5,000 inhabitants to be temporarily evacuated to the mainland by the fishing fleet.

An intimate port call that offers a truly delightful peak into island life in the far distant north. There is one weekend in the year when local services are dramatically affected – this is the weekend leading up to the first Monday in August.

Distances to other ports in Iceland

  • Reykjavik – 115 NM
  • Grundarfjordur – 184 NM
  • Patreksfjordur – 220 NM
  • Isafjordur – 270 NM
  • Akureyri – 416 NM
  • Eskifjordur – 272 NM
  • Seydisfjordur -268 NM
  • Djupivogur – 201 NM
  • Hofn – 160 NM

Distances to neares cities in Europe/USA

  • Torshavn – 391 NM
  • Bergen – 742 NM
  • Oslo – 1334 NM
  • Svalbard – 1218 NM
  • Qaqortoq – 735 NM
  • St John – 1433 NM

Shorex capacity: Approximately 450-500 passengers
All shorex capacity numbers are based on us offering what we consider to be, the best in local services.

Projected revenue: Please contact for further information

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Port details

Location: 63°27‘ N 20°16‘ W
Water location: North Atlantic Ocean
Number of cruise berths: 3
Berth dimensions:
Max size: up to 500 feet in length, for ships up to 170m LOA
Width of ship: unlimited
Draft: 8m
Depth of water at low tide: 9m
Turning basin: 200m
Tidal movement/range: 2,5m
Pilotage: pilotage is compulsory and available 24 hours
Town centre: 300-500m
Airport: 3km
Shuttle to town: harbour is located in town
Anchorage depth: 23,2m – over
Anchorage: There are 3 different areas for cruise ships over 170m LOA
Area A: A cruise ship drifting area located east of the harbour entrance. From there it is only about 5 min sailing for shuttle craft to the passenger quay, where there are good facilities
Area B: Anchorage east of Heimaey. About 15 min sailing to the passenger quay
Area C: Anchorage north of Heimaey. About 15 min sailing to the passenger quay